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For wellness, healing & inner peace while living up to your fullest life potential

Pathway to Healing Transformation

Let go

Live now



Coach Nate Battle

a Certified Behavioral Mental Health, Healing & Wellness Coach 

I empower my clients to endure through their challenges while inspiring them to heal, achieve wellness, and live up to their fullest potential on their way to healing and wellness. My expertise is to mine the greatness within you, helping extract and refine it.

I achieve this through providing real-world and actionable insights, strategies, and approaches to facing and overcoming relationship challenges, personal setbacks, professional hurdles, emotional challenges, health issues, stress, anxiety, rejection, and toxic thoughts to help enhance your personal and professional life. 

My latest book on overcoming challenges to achieve personal growth

BATTLE Endurance

“It has been said, “you are in a problem or just left one or headed toward one.” In other words, in this thing called life, all of us will have battles to fight, and if you haven’t had any as of now, keep living. Nate Battle, author and speaker, in a courageous and transparent way, gives us a battle plan to help us navigate the storms of life we will face time and time again. I found it instructive, informative, and inspiring. This book provides a guide to live your life Victoriously.”
— Les Brown, one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers and author of It’s Not Over Until You Win

To Achieve & Flourish 

We Must First Heal

Areas of Focus

LET GO – of the past/don’t control

LIVE NOW – be present in the moment

WIN – celebrate every victory

  • Personal and professional goal achievement
  • Improved life harmony & internal peace
  • Identify behavioral issues creating barriers
  • Address obstacles to achieve life purpose
  • Increased self-awareness & greater perspective
  • Customized, personalized approach
  • Better systems for stress reduction & management
  • Enhanced health, wellness, and fulfillment

Coaching Strategies

  • Leverage my personalized, transparent & inward focused discovery methodology
  • Customize to your unique life journey
  • Identify & remove progress inhibitors, peace thieves 
  • Instill confidence through the removal of obstacles
  • Address non productive behavioral & thought patterns
  • Support shift to more healthy behaviors
  • Discover and live your best life, healed, whole & authentic, and with inner peace


In my podcast series, as a certified Behavioral Health, Healing & Wellness Coach,  I deliver dynamic strategy, wisdom, and weapons to help you navigate life’s challenges and win. My style is powerful, weaving inspirational insight with razor-sharp tools and tactics for personal and business success!

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