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Coach Nate Battle

As a Certified Behavioral Mental Health Coach, I am passionate about employing my experience and understanding to encourage and inspire others dealing with challenges and crises through coaching, speaking, and mentoring.

As an author of the book Battle Endurance: How You Can Be Someone Who Never Quits and Gives Everything You Have To Give, and keynote speaker in my signature talk, “Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up!” I help my clients cope with and manage personal setbacks, professional hurdles, emotional challenges, relationship difficulties, and health issues to overcome and thrive. I have turned my own tumultuous life experiences with trauma, relationships, family, parenting, career, chronic illness, and decades of professional experience into strategies and tactics to endure and live up to our fullest potential.

As a trauma survivor and escapee from toxic corporate environments, Coach Nate transparently leverages these experiences as a certified coach and speaker, sharing strategies to promote growth, overcome barriers, navigate adversity, and gain mental strength while learning how to feel, feel, and enjoy!

I help you minimize stress, identify & remove obstacles in your life, heal from pain, provide support during transition, and overcome adversity – be it past or present. You deserve to move forward and upward in becoming the incredible person you know you are! I will help you rediscover hope amid struggles. As a survivor, having overcome countless challenges, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness, I know firsthand how to help you live your best life!

In my coaching and speaking, I offer insights and views on the everyday challenges we as humans face. I encourage and inspire others to keep going no matter the challenge, to be the best version of themselves, and to use that to help others grow.

Given that we all face crises and challenges in our lives, it helps to know that we are not alone, and second, it is valuable to have practical, real-world, easy-to-understand tips, tools, strategies, and tactics on how to mitigate, manage through them, and cope.

My Mission

To encourage others to endure through their challenges while inspiring them to live up to their fullest potential on the way to healing and wellness.

Testimonials from people whose lives I've helped change for the better

My signature program

Pathway to Healing Transformation

An laser-focus coaching program, customized to your and for your specific needs.

Trauma & life challenges are seldom unique.  Many have experienced what you have. 
You, however, are unique. 

It’s time to heal.

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