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Feeling Stuck? Disappointed? Unfulfilled? Frustrated? Stalled? Unsure? Afraid? Angry?
Like you’ve tried everything? Tired of trying and getting nowhere? Feel like something is missing? 

Confused about what to do about it? 

Often what prevents us from achieving our goals is something within us. As a first step, we must heal before we can grow. 

Life can be better.  

You can do and feel better.

Programs designed and personalized to fit YOUR specific needs

Coaching Programs

Pathway to Healing Program – $2,199

Six-week program for life’s biggest challenge – self healing. To grow, we must first heal. During this program, we address issues of the past and present so that you may enjoy a fulfilling and peaceful future. Program includes: weekly one-on-one sessions, text & email support, a copy of my book, a workbook, and other resources specific to your needs.

Ask about custom programs available to meet your needs

Single Sessions

Individual Session – $149

60 minute, one on one coaching session. In person or virtually via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Group & Family Session – $229

75 minute, group coaching session. In person or virtually via computer, tablet or smartphone. Up to 10 participants.

Keynote Speaking

In my inspiring and thought-provoking talk, I reveal the secrets of how to break free from limited thinking and go beyond challenges to achieve victory. I provide real-world and actionable tips on facing and overcoming challenges with communication, leadership development, relationships, team performance, strategy, and organizational culture that can be leveraged to enhance both your professional and personal life.

In my highly inspirational talk, I reveal my straightforward approach to getting past challenges:

Let Go, Live Now, Win!

Through this “truthformational” journey, you will gain powerful insights and tools to push through challenges, becoming more focused and fully empowered to live up to your fullest potential to achieve the success you have always desired.

Overcome Being Stuck, Procrastination, Frustration,
being Unfulfilled
and fear of success

Whether it’s recognizing where we need to heal,  make better choices or reducing negative thoughts and destructive behavior, by working together we can unlock the doors obstructing your success.

What are the Benefits?

  • Personal and professional goal achievement
  • Improved personal life harmony
  • Identify issues creating barriers
  •  Address obstacles to goal attainment
  • Improved self-awareness and perspective
  • Customized, personalized approach
  • Better systems for stress management
  • Enhanced health, wellness and fulfillment

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